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Colva, Goa

Goa trip during covid

We all have been reluctant to step out and resume traveling since the pandemic. Now with the number of covid cases on the surge, it is indeed best to stay indoors as much as possible. But when the peak is over, stepping out to get rid of that crazy indoor hangover, a goa trip is a must. Read more to know how we planned and went for a safe and secure trip to goa and explored the secluded parts of this beautiful territory.

Goa trip itinerary for 3 days

So our trip itinerary was very simple.

  • Day 1: See and enjoy the vibes of the white sand Palolem beach goa, where we would just sit and sip cocktails and enjoy the water touching our feet.
  • Day 2: Take a boat and go to the secluded Butterfly beach and spend the day there.
  • Day 3: Leave Palolem and head towards Colva beach, where a resort with a private beach was awaiting us.

Goa trip plan for 3 days

We were also busy with our jobs and could not slip out for many days for this relaxing venture. So we decided to do a 3day trip. We took an overnight train from Bengaluru. It was our first time on a train since March 2020. We were scared, to be frank. But we went prepared. We brought sanitizer sprays to wipe the berths clean before we slept, carried our own food and water, and always wore a mask inside the train.

We started on a friday night and as expected the train was running full. We reached Karwar early in the morning. We had to go on a Bengaluru-Karwar train because Madgao ones took more time and had no reservations. The train reached Karwar around 7.30 in the morning and we took a taxi from there to our first destination, Palolem beach, South Goa.

Now for those of you who are not familiar with Goa, South Goa is more secluded and less crowded whereas North Goa is very crowded as people rush to all the famous beaches there. We chose south because of two reasons, we wanted to avoid crowds as much as possible due to the pandemic, and we wanted a silent and relaxed kind of outing.

Day 1:

The first day was meant for just being there at the resort, enjoying the stay, and sitting by the seaside sipping cocktails. And we did the same. But we couldn’t resist getting into the clear water of the Palolem beach, known for its white sand and light blue water. The beach was more crowded than we expected. South Goa is not so secluded these days, as it was earlier. Anyways, still, there was space for social distancing and being safe. It is very easy to be in the vacation mood and forget that we are in fact amidst a pandemic. We made sure we wore masks whenever we interacted with people at our hotel or anywhere we went.

Kingsville resort, Palolem beach

There is quite a lot of nice things about the beach though. You can walk so much into the ocean because the beach is very shallow to an extent. The waves are not so strong and you can just lay down and enjoy the soft sway of the ocean. We also went kayaking right before sunset. We saw the sun just about to disappear while just sitting in our kayak. It was indeed very beautiful. The kayaking will just cost you 200 per kayak and there are both single and double ones. And trust me, we are not pro swimmers, and so you can go even if you don’t know swimming.

Day 2:

We had planned to visit butterfly beach by boats which were available from Palolem beach, but as it was a Sunday, we were informed that boat services were suspended that day. So we decided to rent bikes and go by road. Bikes are available for rent for Rs.200 per day (Honda Dio / Activa in very good condition). This was a 7km ride and it was very sunny. We could only go to a certain point on bikes. From there, we had to walk to the beach. The roads to the beach were not tarred. They were red soil roads. Be careful while riding, because there is a good chance of skidding.

Sunny day at the butterfly beach
Sun-kissed/burnt at the butterfly beach

The walk to the beach was very easy, not a big trek as such. The beach is really beautiful with rocks on both sides. We can climb the rocks to the top and enjoy the whole view of the beach which is in turn shaped like a butterfly. Here too the crowd was more than what we had expected. But still, there was enough place for everyone. This beach is not as shallow as Palolem, so we could not go in deep.

You could also take a packed lunch and eat it somewhere in the shade near the beach, if you plan to spend the whole day there. But make sure that you return by 5pm as it is not safe later since the walk back is kind of surrounded by so many trees and in the dark it could be dangerous. We returned by evening and came back to our hotel and again went to enjoy the beautiful waves of Palolem beach.

Note: We got bad sun burns from butterfly beach, so make sure you carry a sunscreen with you.

Day 3:

Towards the end of the trip, we get so annoyed and yes the last day was there for us. We planned it in such a way that we could just enjoy the day completely in a resort with a private portion of the beach. We booked the C Roque resort in Colva. Upon reaching Colva by taxi, we had to wait there for a jeep to pick us up to the resort. It was nearby, but the route was covered in sand, so walking there with luggage is difficult.

C Roque is a really beautiful resort and we loved our room very much. It faces the ocean and the restaurant of the resort is also beach facing. They had set up Beach Loungers with tables all along the beach side. You could just sip on cocktails, munch on their lip smacking dishes watching the beach and unwind.

We spend the day reading and sometimes working a bit sitting in the lounge chairs near the restaurant. The sun was too harsh to get in the water. By evening, we stopped everything and jumped into the water. Colva beach is very crowded, but since this was a portion reserved for the resort, we had a good experience. Only resort guests were there at this part of the beach. We spent the entire evening playing in the water and just lying there facing the sky. That experience, believe me, is so rewarding.

View from our room balcony in C roque resort, Colva
Room with a view at C Roque resort, Colva

We ate dinner and had some cocktails and listened to some music while facing the ocean, of course. We went to sleep keeping alarms at 4 in the morning since we had an early flight to catch back to Bengaluru. Our goa weekend trip from Bangalore was indeed a safe one, as none of us tested positive after coming back, thank God.