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Gates of heaven, bali

A Peek into Gates of Heaven

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While traveling, you will come across places that are physically beautiful but gives away an enchanting aura virtually. When you click photos or take videos, the beauty of the place lifts up and gives an out-of-the-world feeling. Lempuyang temple in Bali is such a place. Carved along the slopes of a volcano with the same name, this Hindu temple looks stunningly beautiful. But all credits to the small town photographers at this place, who uses a mirror and clicks photos in burst mode, to give the most beautiful pictures.

Gates of Heaven, Bali Location

Lempuyang Temple, also popularly known as the gates of heaven is situated in Karangasem, Bali. We took a cab from our hotel to the temple early in the morning. Sipping take-out coffee and watching the roads unfold with the stunning volcano in the backdrop makes the drive one hell of an experience. There are not many breakfast options near the place, so it is always good to keep some snacks handy. We reached there and went inside the temple premises to take a token.

Taking Photos at the Gates of Heaven

We went to the temple with the main agenda of taking the legendary pictures from the place. So we directly went and took the token for the same. This was the best queue system I have ever seen. Nobody made a fuss or got agitated waiting for their turn. We can take our tokens, roam around in the temple premises and they will call the token numbers so loud that we can hear them from anywhere nearby. The process is calm and peaceful, unlike the covid vaccination queues that we see around now.

We were a group of three. So the process goes like this. If we are a group or merely a pair, we can take the group photos first. We posed awkwardly as a group trying on different poses. A tip would be to google some good poses or invent some on the go if you don’t want to have some awkward moments at the gates. Best pictures come when you are in motion or taking a leap rather than just standing with different hand postures.

Once the group photos are taken, we can pose individually. And they will click on burst mode photo where you can jump or show a dance move or any of that sort.

How they create the magic?

The photographers use a mirror along the length of our phone camera, which gives an illusion of a lake near the gates in the photos. This is why the photos look much more beautiful than the actual place. But given the beauty and aesthetics of the photos, I strongly suggest this place for you. Keep this in mind next time you prepare your Bali itinerary.

Gates of heaven,Bali
Real and recreated photos at Lempuyang temple

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