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Kala pathar, Thangu, Skikkim

Kala Pathar Sikkim: A Black and White Muse

It is winter in most parts of India right now, but for the northeast, everything moves in a different rhythm. March to May is the time when Sikkim is completely covered in snow. But what if you want to witness the lakes as lakes and not frozen ice lands and at the same time enjoy some snow? We recommend you to take a trip to Sikkim in November-December of the year. You can see the state with all its lush greenery and blooming in full pride. At the same time, make a detour to Kala pathar in Thangu, to enjoy that guilty pleasure of making snowballs and throwing at each other.

How to reach Kala Pathar?

Kala pathar is situated in a place called Thangu and is not a tourist hotspot. Our driver told us about this upcoming tourist destination and we did not think twice before agreeing. The roads to the place were not completely built at that time. But the ride is not terrible either. The breathtaking views of black mountains capped in snow en route give you the feeling of taking the road straight to heaven.

Views of the mountain scapes enroute Kala pathar, Sikkim
Views of the mountainscapes enroute Kala pathar, Sikkim

Things to do at Kala Pathar, Sikkim

There are no particular activities to do at this place. Therefore, if you are looking for adventurous activities, like skiing or paragliding, this is not the place. Go here only if you want to lie down on the snow, glide through it, stare at the black and white picture-perfect mountains. Make snowballs, throw at each other, run in the snow, roll around, and have a good time. It was the first time in snow for many of us and we had a blast. We literally ended up swimming in the snow. The blend of the opposing black and white combination is something to be marveled at.

Black and white landscapes at Kala pathar, Sikkim
Black and white landscapes at Kala pathar, Sikkim

What to wear

Please wear good pullovers and warm clothes, as the temperature is going to be really low. Remember to wear good shoes or boots to keep your legs protected. We wore casual shoes, but the snow got into them. Our toes were literally frozen on the ride back. So try and wear good boots or you can rent them at Gangtok. This will help to keep your feet warm. Else you will have to spend so much time to bring them back to body temperature. Keep skull caps or mufflers/scarves handy to protect your head and ears.

What to wear when you visit Kala pathar
What to wear when you visit Kala pathar

We told you what we had to, now it is up to you to decide whether you want to spend a day at this beauty called Kala pathar. Talk to your driver to tour guide to include this in the itinerary. Reach out to get details about our tour guides and itineraries in the comments section.

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